City Diner – Review

You drive up to a 50/60s style looking building, inside is replica of an old fashion dinner, a counter with about 20 seats, booths, and tables.  Our waitress was very friendly and was right there to take care of us.  It was Saturday morning and busy! Watching the staff work together was awesome, helping each other out.


Danelle ordered the “SS Diner Benedict” which was Crab cakes, spinach, poached eggs, on english muffin, with hollandaise sauce.  $16.  All Danelle did was moan as she ate.  She couldn’t eat all of it, there was so much food.

I ordered the “Diner French Toast” $9 and a side of Reindeer sauce.  The french toast was to die for.  It wasn’t too hard, or mushy, it was just right.  The mixture of cinnamon was perfect. The bread was hot, along with the butter, and syrup.

Staff were friendly, we had other waitresses stopping and chatting with us.

We are going back this morning, for breakfast, to try something else there.  Located at 3000 Minnesota Dr, open 7-3 all week long.

So step back into time, and have breakfast or lunch in a replica 50’s diner.

McGinley’s Irish Pub – review

Danelle had a Dublin Dip $14, which had corn beef, sautéed cabbage, stone ground mustard and swiss cheese.  The sandwich was large, she said, the flavor was awesome, very filling. Fresh ingredients.  

I had the El Cubano for $14 – pulled pork, ham, salami, dill pickles, yellow mustard and swish on a garlic roasted hoagie.  My God to die for! The flavor was awesome, not one thing stood out, everything was in harmony.  The fries were done perfect, awesome mixture of spices.

The bar is a corner pub, staff was friendly and was worried if we were happy.  There was a crowd that showed up and filled the bar up, but two waitresses took care of the 100 people.  Bartender was able to make a margarita that even Danelle could handle drinking. So if you find yourself in Anchorage, Alaska and wanting a great sandwich and drink, then stop in to 645 G street downtown. 907-279-1782

*the following night we went back, and the waitress was not as friendly, we had to keep flagging her down but the food was good. *




So folks I am going to put myself out there, I have a youtube channel and I would like your opinion of it.
So if you go to Youtube, and search for Akfishguy, my channel will show up.

All my past videos will be there and then if you like to subscribe and click on the notification
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Let me know what you think.

If you would like to be a guest or come up with a topic, let me know.


Right kind of boots for the Job

I work at a large Gold mine in Alaska, and we are on our feet 12 hours a day.  I am a fueler/mechanic and climb up and down equipment daily.  Sometimes like 40 times a day.

So foot wear is important, so this newest pair of boots are from Danner, Quarry  style.  See photo 

These boots are warm, comfortable and you hardly notice them when wearing them.