3days of caching

What other game can you play where you have to hike through snow, climb trees, look through old and rusty cars, and crawl on your back under a gate to get the prize!  I was able to cache for 3 days with my friends and wife.  It was fun, it was refreshing, and oh did I mention fun?


Oh the Find! Next getting the container open

DSC00007Only to find …WHAT THE ! Eggs! now to find the log

 IMG_3114Happy Cachers! after finding the cache and 4 wheeling on the dyke

IMG_1749The cool Cache we found out in the middle of no where!


It’s a long way back down that hill… no wonder I felt like having a heart attack climbing that!


Rugged Alaskan Geocacher!


Oh the view makes these geocaching hikes worth every ache you feel while doing it!

IMG_3125Alaskan Gnome Selfie! for my kid Kyle


IMG_3126This cache was placed for me, I hit 1,000 and a good geocaching friend dedicated this one for me, he was very nice and thoughtful and showed the love by putting it in a tree, and making me climb up and down a mountain (2.4 miles round trip) to get it… Friends like him, why do I need ex’s and enemies!

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