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Our update!

So a fast update from the Roof family… Danelle was let go from her job at the Credit Union, it was done by a manager who was a control freak and was threaten by Danelle. Upside!  Danelle loves her new job at the local hospital and isn’t stressed out when coming home from work.  She doesn’t get phone calls from people… Read more →


This insurance company is a liar and two face insurance company they told us we had to pay 10% on a doctors visit, now they are saying 100% and we filled a complaint and they denied it, even they told they doctor we only had to pay 10% don’t trust them @aetna is a liar Read more →

boring sunday

Have you ever sit in church, listening to the pastor and felt bored? or was trying to make sense of the sermon he was preaching.  One man took what he heard and put it to art. John Hendrix is an artist who has taken his interpenetration of the sermons and drew them out. to see this art, go here and… Read more →

a little computer who could part 2

so if you remember in part one, I was having issues getting my touch screen to work on my raspberry pi computer. I had tried to solder it, and had issues with the gun being to much and dropping solder everywhere and melting things… well found a smaller solder gun and used it, and bam! my screen worked… so now… Read more →