baking with my pi

So I am staying up all night, getting ready for tomorrow’s nite shift.  So what have I learned so far tonight playing with the raspberry pi?  Well, let me share with you….

  • Not all tutorials are complete!  Nothing like installing 3 things on the computer, and you get to the fourth step, and *ERROR* this file you are trying to install can not be found.  I went through the page 4 times, re-installing things and still nothing, finally gave up.  Will have to write the author and ask him about it.
  • Average man vs Raspberry pi blog is so great!  I have been able to follow Rich’s tutorials from start to finish!  This man is just like me, no real coding experience, and just jumped into playing with the Pi, his page can be found at I know what you are thinking, why put this dude on a high horse?  Well first off, I heard his podcast on Raspi-Today.  Then went to his blog and started using his stuff, and no issues, everything he says to do, Works!  Plus that, I emailed him 3 times now, and I get an answer right back!
    • His lesson on time lapse photography had me making my own movie in minutes!  The video is me bouncing back and forth between 4 computers.  I promise I will do another one of the outside with the snow and cars… heck might even take it to a hockey game and do one there… more to follow… *Watch the clock in upper right hand corner…**
  • The xbmc is hard to configure! I watched videos, read tutorials, downloaded full disk images, and still have errors with my media center called XBMC!
    • Someone needs to do a step by step from first setting to the last settings, not do it by subject!  I can’t get my live tv to work, I can’t seem to download my hulu, and stuff to it…  WTH!

Well, it’s time for bed, so come back again for another moment in our lives….

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