Running on batteries



One of my hobbies is my Raspberry pi computer, which is a credit card size computer, that you hook up to a monitor and keyboard, and using a SD card, it is a full blown computer for $35.  So as I learn programming, and building things like our new media center, called XBMC, The program lets your access your home network and pull photos, videos, movies, TV and plays on your big screen TV.  I just got my attachment from BattBorg that allows me to run my raspberry pi on batteries… there is a lot of uses that this would be good for like remote webcam, portable games.  This accessory is for using your raspberry pi on a robot.  To learn more, click on the above links or just google  Raspberry pi and enjoy.  To buy your Pi, I use Newark Element 14 for all my raspberry pi needs.

I will be posting more updates as I do things with my computers…

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