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Here is how to turn off the share info in windows 10


This one is just something to read to understand when a site says it’s secure, you know the lock in the URL bar…

let me know if it makes sense, here is the page to read.   Security and what it means 


This is what we call 3rd party software, unless it’s part of the computer software package, then don’t use it, and I will have to figure out how to turn it off, you might as your son-in-law about it, since he helped ya with choosing this computer.    


so what you got was a phishing email, they want you to click on the links to see whats up OR someone is trying to hack your email account, what ever you do DON’T CLICK ON ANYTHING IN THAT EMAIL.    So this video will show you how to report this.. BUT FIRST IS CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD ON YAHOO!  you don’t have to go crazy and change the whole word, just replace a letter with a number, like for E put a 3.  or something like that.

then follow this video…