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a little computer who could part 2

so if you remember in part one, I was having issues getting my touch screen to work on my raspberry pi computer. I had tried to solder it, and had issues with the gun being to much and dropping solder everywhere and melting things… well found a smaller solder gun and used it, and bam! my screen worked… so now… Read more →

A Big Thank you!

Thank you Hoffer Glass for cutting the slots I needed to use my raspberry pi B model! Adafruit figured we won’t use the camera or the accessories, so the case didn’t have the proper cuts.  Tim at Hoffer Glass was nice enough to do it with out charging me an arm or a leg.  Now I can use my Camera… Read more →

Overcooking the pi!

Okay so this raspberry pi, doesn’t come with instructions…. You have to look up tutorials that someone else wrote.  So being a weather station owner, I want to put the station on the raspberry pi… but every tutorial ends with ERRORS… Do I keep trying or do I hang it outside as a bird feeder, so frustrated with these little… Read more →

baking with my pi

So I am staying up all night, getting ready for tomorrow’s nite shift.  So what have I learned so far tonight playing with the raspberry pi?  Well, let me share with you…. Not all tutorials are complete!  Nothing like installing 3 things on the computer, and you get to the fourth step, and *ERROR* this file you are trying to… Read more →

Running on batteries

  One of my hobbies is my Raspberry pi computer, which is a credit card size computer, that you hook up to a monitor and keyboard, and using a SD card, it is a full blown computer for $35.  So as I learn programming, and building things like our new media center, called XBMC, The program lets your access your… Read more →