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a little computer who could part 2

so if you remember in part one, I was having issues getting my touch screen to work on my raspberry pi computer. I had tried to solder it, and had issues with the gun being to much and dropping solder everywhere and melting things… well found a smaller solder gun and used it, and bam! my screen worked… so now… Read more →

what I see

When I get home and see this, It’s like I am being reminded how backwards America is today.. where Americans are not being allow to have the freedom of speech or the freedom to protect ourselves from illegal aliens, muslims, etc American’s are being told to take down this flag so it won’t offend anyone, well let me offend you… Read more →

I love you and must share

Were you born a catholic, raised as a catholic… if so, Please take a moment and listen to something I want to share with you about GOD, the father, son and a promise made to us… I once was sharing the Gospel of John with a friend, who stated she was possible going to heaven…   I asked, “possibly?”  She stated,… Read more →

Good vs Evil

As always when you start doing something that God request of us, we are thrown into the middle of Good vs Evil… So with us becoming better stewards of God’s money and paying off our debts and not spending crazy… The devil threw his first ace in this card game.  This little hiccup won’t slow us down, we are to… Read more →