Danelle hasn’t gotten brave enough to fill this in, so let me …

Who is she?  As I fill this in, I will be adding color, pictures and flare to make this part of the page my own.  Stay tuned! – Danêlle

  • WIFE-My husband is so wonderful to start this for me. He started with the bullet points. I am just adding on. I am not one to talk about myself or really be a “social media” type.  Yes, I have facebook but I don’t post much. I have a smart phone, but besides calling, texting and pictures.. I use it for games when I am bored or need to exercise my brain.  I sit in front of a computer most days and listen to phones ring so please forgive me if I choose not to really be on either when I am at home.
  • Great Mother-My kids say I am the best mom ever.  Their friends think I am pretty cool.  But let’s be honest, shall we?  The only way I know how to parent is from having examples of what to do and what not to do.  I took the best parts and made my own mistakes.  I show my boys love, unconditional love.  They may mess up and I may not like it, but they are old enough now to understand consequences for their actions.  I set boundaries, but stay involved.  I ask questions and leave the door open for them to talk.  Yes, I know more goes on then what they tell me, but I don’t judge them.  I guide them, give them examples and maybe a different way to look at things.  Hard decisions with school, friends, girls, sex, hormones… you name it, we talk about it.  I won’t be a hypocrite.  There are decisions I made that I can look back on now and see that they weren’t very good, or that I could have gone about it a different way, but those were my decisions, my choices that made me who I am.
  • best friend
  • Alaskan
  • Assistant manager
  • daughter
  • Awesome Aunt
  • Sister



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