Fairbanks financial institution need to learn from Everbank


We are changing banks, after trying Denali federal credit union, MAC CU, and others, we have moved our money to Florida, you heard me, Florida!

Now why would two Alaskan’s move their money across the united states, POOR service, POOR interest rates, and and Managers who Screwed over their staff, cause they have issues at home, and in their life!

  • When you have a business, and you have customers, you should look out for them, you should do anything and everything for them!
    • IF they have money in your Credit Union, you should make them feel welcome, special, and appreciated, not a bother, not like they are interrupting your gossip session.
    • Follow through on things!  If your member calls and ask about something, follow up and make sure they got the answer they are looking for, and KNOW you stuff, don’t BS them, don’t lie to them, and DON’T treat them like crap!
  • Interest Rates,  okay people have to put their money in banks or credit unions, so if you offer them .03 % or 1.16% where do you think they will go?  Alaska banks, don’t offer anything around 1%, while Everbank does! 1.6% intro, and 1.1% after a year.  Hell on our money market with them, we have made close to $40 in around 6 months.
  • Danelle was let go from Denali federal Credit union cause some insecure woman, didn’t care for her, she lied to management about her, and got her fired.  1) I hope that Witch gets hers!, 2)Thank you, my wife is so relaxed, and enjoys life and her new job…

So if you live in Alaska, then you need to contact EVERBANK online and have someone care about you, someone who will look out for you, someone one who will award ya for having your money in their bank!