Financial peace unverstity

So we started a journey in September to get rid of our dept, and if you have been following us, you can see how and what we have been doing.

A guy name Dave Ramsey, has all kinds of resources to help get debt free

so here is what we have experienced and what we like and don’t like




Very straight forward

Very easy to understand

Very easy to follow

awesome book, workbook and podcast



his favorite word is STUPID followed by DUMB! – we don’t believe in those words, we don’t want our nieces and nephews using them, and when we have grandkids they won’t be able to use them

He doesn’t respond to questions, comment, emails, etc… – I know he has a lot of people following and listening to him, but he has a HUGE staff that could help out

He advertises free everywhere, for you – but class, $149, seeing him live $50+, using his everyday dollar, free for a while, then he has to charge you to use it to it’s fullest capabilities.


no way are we saying don’t use him, but heads up…

it has helped us, but remember he is in it to make money, while he is “helping” you.

So go to Dave Ramsey dot com and check it out.

Again, not saying don’t use him, but just some things we found while using him!

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