GCI strikes again with lies, and hidden agenda, and what not

WOW these people are some kind of special!  They send me an email saying I can buy extra data cause we are at 90% of our plan, so when I go to sign up for this, there is no option, so I get a human on the phone, 1st guy says, not a problem, then he is like, I can’d do this.   So he sends me to tech support, who puts me down, says I am not reading the email right, and then I point out on their own website, that states, at 90% and 100% I have further options of buying more data!   I get told to read it closer, there is not option at 90%

So I hang up, and contact management of customer service and get told that her media department has written the email and FAQs wrong, and she will get that corrected.  Again I ask why did I get the option last night when that email came, and not today.  She told me I was wrong, you only get it when it’s at 100%, again I read her the email and her own FAQ page.  Still same song and dance, So again hung up and called their corporate office, got a nice lady Mrs Wall, she looked into it and talked to me as I was important and didn’t talk down to me, but said same thing and she was going to check into why the FAQ said that and why did I get that offer last night and can’t do anything now…

On my next days off, I will be going to ATT and seeing about direct TV and what not … Tired of GCI and all their extra hidden fees, and their lies, and what not!