There are two kinds of camping, road camping (pack a bunch of stuff in the truck), and backpack camping (where you take the bare essentials).

As a family we do the first one the most, only cause you don’t have to have someone complaining they can’t carry their pack and what not.

We go with Tents, Tarps, and all the other things one might need out in the woods.

Tony kicking back camping

Early fall camping when it finally gets dark

out camping

The family out camping

camp fire

Warm camp fire at night

hungry kids

Dad we are hungry

thinking he is grownup

Look I am smoking

roasted marshmellows

Nothing Better than marshmallows roasted on a camp fire

camping breakfast

Or cooking on open camfire

camp dishes

The downside, DISHES suck out while camping

camping margaritasNothing that a drink can’t fix

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