Geocaching is a high tech game of hide and seek.  Where we download the coordinates and then go looking for the cache.  Some are in town and easy to grab, others you have to hike into the woods to get.  Some you have to climb up hills, other cross creeks. Some you can only find in the winter months, others are summer caches only. There are events where we all get together to meet and greet. We even cache in the winter time!

At this time we have put the game on hold, due to other cachers destroying the local club, and then having one of them attack fairbanks cachers on the GeocacheAlaska facebook page, and GeocacheAlaska turn their back on us and do nothing with the personal attacks….

If you are coming to Alaska, you can contact which is the state wide club.  With members in Valdez, Kenai, Anchorage, Fairbanks, etc..

To learn more, you can go to

You can read our geocaching adventures here with photos
We are very competitive with this hobby / sport / game.  All of us have our handles, so if you are out caching and you see

You have found the cache we have already logged or hidden.

Here is some of our summer of 2014 photos from our adventures of caching.

Here are firemanak’s stats

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Here are AkdragonflyD’s stats

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