Our Bird Feeder Cam

I can't Guarantee birds, it's a chance you have to take!

They come and go as they please, if it's sunny you will see a lot of action, if it's cold and wet, you won't see as much.

I will be shutting down cam at night off and on...so if it's not up,please check back

Be patient and log in at different time of the day, and you will see a bird

If you have any knowledge on running more than one webcam from one ip addy, please contact me at firemanak at gmail.com

We love birds, and we have a bunch of feeders, so I decided to put up a couple bird feeder cams, As of fall of 2014, I have just this one up and running.  Enjoy, maybe comment on what you see in the feeder.


if the above link don't work, then try

    Bird feeder cam

my bird feeder cam
Pictures are taken at 2 min intervals

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    June 22, 2015 at 11:45 am

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