Our update!

So a fast update from the Roof family…


  1. Danelle was let go from her job at the Credit Union, it was done by a manager who was a control freak and was threaten by Danelle. Upside!  Danelle loves her new job at the local hospital and isn’t stressed out when coming home from work.  She doesn’t get phone calls from people calling in sick, or alarms going off… And she enjoys coming home to me her hubby.
  2. Erik the next to oldest one is in Anchorage, Alaska going to college… He is doing great grade wise but hard knock life lesson, money isn’t easy to make, but is easy to spend and it doesn’t grow on trees! lol
  3. Kyle is a junior and is struggling with school vs socializing and work… he will have to learn on his own about why that is an issue… since we are old and don’t know anything!  Just like Maleaha was at that age!  He is working at Fred Meyers and with his grandpa and has his own car…  How fast they grow up.
  4. I am still working at the mine… it’s great money, and helping us get out of debt earlier than plan. I am seeking God, and learning more about my walk with Jesus.   I have reconnected with my Dad, Lawrence Wells, we are making up for lost time, we talk about life, religion and other things, we have even talked about my childhood and what all happen back then.  Wish I had more time with him, but we will sit in heaven one day and hang out and praise God together with our families.
  5. Danelle and I are walking close to God, we seek him ever moment of our day, with every breath.  We love reading the bible, praying, and listening to sermons daily.  We are volunteering at the food bank.
  6. Winter wasn’t bad, it was one of the warmest since 1976, but not over, one day it’s like 30 above and then the next week 10 degrees and snowing.
  7. WE are still paying off our Stupid moments of spending money like it was water… we started with $121903.41, but as of Feb we are at $98194.31!  Thanks to Dave Ramsey’s Financial peace university and us becoming God’s stewards of his money, since it’s not ours.
  8. More later, Please remember we are here to serve GOD, so he should be the first priority and then your marriage, then yourself, and family …  PRAY FOR EVERYTHING…   God loves you and so do we ….   IF you have a prayer request, feel free to drop us a line and we will pray for you…

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