a little computer who could part 2

20150922_205547 20150922_205709 20150922_205855so if you remember in part one, I was having issues getting my touch screen to work on my raspberry pi computer.

I had tried to solder it, and had issues with the gun being to much and dropping solder everywhere and melting things…

well found a smaller solder gun and used it, and bam! my screen worked… so now I have a touch screen raspberry pi computer, I am going to get the camera up and working next and a battery supply or something and try a point and shoot camera 🙂

stay tune for more adventures through this winter with updating the osmc media center..

and then getting my weather station up and running on a raspberry pi

I also am going to make a temp sensor in the house, so if the furnace goes out and it drops down close to freezing, then I will get an email along with the wife, landlord and neighbor so someone can check on things.

later…. thanks for reading this, and let me know if you have problems signing up for notifications when I post…

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