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new and old friends and a GPS(s)

So a warm winter day in Fairbanks, Alaska, 3 old friends got together with a new friend to have an adventure.  We started out, finding an earth cache, so we could get the cool souvenir from geocaching.com.  In a brisk cold wind, we stopped at the parks highway monument pull over, and solved 2 earth caches.  Then we drove to… Read more →

IT’s here!

Well it snowed last night, it wasn’t the 8″ to a foot we were suppose to get So Fairbanks official winter has started!  now comes the fun of bad drivers, slick roads, and long dark days and nights !  God I love this place!   Read more →

Spring is FINALLY here

On another geocaching adventure, the smell of muskox filled the cool breeze while the sun rays sifted through the budding trees still layered in snow.  The chickadees, red polls and woodpeckers greeting us.  We shed our winter clothes and put on the shorts and t-shirts, and get the sunglasses out to welcome the warmer temperatures Read more →