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Overcooking the pi!

Okay so this raspberry pi, doesn’t come with instructions…. You have to look up tutorials that someone else wrote.  So being a weather station owner, I want to put the station on the raspberry pi… but every tutorial ends with ERRORS… Do I keep trying or do I hang it outside as a bird feeder, so frustrated with these little… Read more →

baking with my pi

So I am staying up all night, getting ready for tomorrow’s nite shift.  So what have I learned so far tonight playing with the raspberry pi?  Well, let me share with you…. Not all tutorials are complete!  Nothing like installing 3 things on the computer, and you get to the fourth step, and *ERROR* this file you are trying to… Read more →

Running on batteries

  One of my hobbies is my Raspberry pi computer, which is a credit card size computer, that you hook up to a monitor and keyboard, and using a SD card, it is a full blown computer for $35.  So as I learn programming, and building things like our new media center, called XBMC, The program lets your access your… Read more →