I have been in Alaska for over 45 years.  Born in Kentucky, but too young to remember it.  Alaska is my home, It’s all I know.  I have visited outside, and even took a long vacation in Kent, Washington one winter, but keep finding the same problems, rude people, too many people, it’s just not for me.

I spend the first 13 years either living in a tent when we first got here, or a “dry cabin”.  We had to haul water, wood, and a “honey bucket” in and out of the house.

I have seen 70 below in the winter and over a 100 in the summer, have seen bear, moose, caribou, and most other wildlife in Alaska.  I love photography , sharing all this beauty and wildlife with those who are not as lucky as me to see it first hand.

I am into hiking, mt. biking, camping, fishing, photography, geocaching, canoeing, kayaking, and snowshoeing.  One has to keep busy in the winter to keep from getting “cabin fever”.

I have a couple blogs up that I write on when I get time.  They are

I have 3 Awesome kids, Maleaha who is married and on her own, then Erik, and Kyle. Each one has their favorite sport, everything from rifle shooting to playing volley ball.

I have been a firefighter, a truck driver, worked retail, or in warehousing, up on the “north slope”, a student, and more.  I believe that you work to take care of your family, but if you can find something that makes you happy, it’s a bonus.  My family comes first, I have learned a lot of lessons from the past, and those who I have close, I will not loose, like those before them.

It took me close to 45 years to find the woman God put on this earth for me, we both had been through a lot of bad stuff, and made major wrong decisions in life, but at last we found each other.  I was sit on being alone for ever, just having my friends, and God with me to the end.  But Danelle stepped into my life, and all that changed.

She was my favorite teller at my Credit union, and one day I asked her out for dinner and she said yes.  And here we are years later, married, happy, and stronger than most marriage of 25 years.  We have 24 more years to catch up on those, but we have been through hell and back and it just makes us stronger.

We both enjoy life indoors and outdoors, but the one thing that keeps us strong and together is we talk about everything, and we share each others love for the arts, and hobbies, etc.  Example I am so into fishing, I can fish for hours, she likes to fish, but would rather read a book and watch me enjoy life.  She loves to knit, I just keep her company and talk to her as she makes something warm for someone, but I don’t find it boring, or useless, etc.

  • Dry cabin – a cabin without water or plumbing.
  • Honey Bucket – a bucket usually with a toilet seat on it, used when it’s too cold to go outside to the out house.
  • Cabin Fever – also called winter blues, it’s when we have lived in the dark too long, in the winter months.
  • North Slope – where you get oil from in Alaska, the furthest northern part of the state

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  1. Vicki Langer
    September 29, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    You have done an awesome job with this. I enjoyed learning more about your family!!! I am glad that you have found Danelle and it seems like you are at peace with the life you have chosen to lead. I can’t wait to someday come visit, cousin! I hope to see you soon!

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