our wedding photos

On Nov 11, 2011, I married my beautiful wife Danelle.  We went to Anchorage to get married, we had no support from family, so we wanted to be together, so we grabbed a couple good friends, and went to the Peanut Farm and got Married.

So the photos here have been put in order of how it went down (stupid wordpress, keeps changing the order, but you get the idea). *If you click on the first thumbnail, then when it enlarges, just use your left or right arrow keys to go through a slide show** 

A couple things to point out is I am reading my vows from my Iphone, while my younger, lovely wife, pulls out a piece of paper…

The ring I got for her, was custom made, very securely, she had no Idea, her ring was suppose to match mine, but I pulled it off, and her reaction is  priceless.

My other favorite photo is her resting so peacefully…..

Best day of my life, except my daughter being born, and coming to know Jesus as my savior.

Enjoy the photos, and leave a comment if you want.

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  • IMG_0033
  • IMG_0034
  • IMG_0035
  • IMG_0036 (2)
  • IMG_0036
  • IMG_0037
  • IMG_0037-2
  • IMG_0038
  • IMG_0039
  • IMG_0040
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  • IMG_0043
  • IMG_0043-2
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  • IMG_0047
  • IMG_0049
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  • IMG_0056
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  • IMG_0061
  • IMG_0062
  • IMG_0063a
  • IMG_0036 (2)
  • IMG_0069
  • IMG_0070-2
  • IMG_0072
  • IMG_0073
  • IMG_0128
  • IMG_0135
  • IMG_0139
  • IMG_0031

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