what I see

20150922_090432When I get home and see this, It’s like I am being reminded how backwards America is today.. where Americans are not being allow to have the freedom of speech or the freedom to protect ourselves from illegal aliens, muslims, etc

American’s are being told to take down this flag so it won’t offend anyone, well let me offend you now… THIS IS AMERICA, YOU DON’T LIKE OUR FLAG, OUR WAYS, THEN TAKE YOUR ASS BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!

no I don’t hate anyone, but you step on my porch and tell me what to do, I am going to get into your face and make you wish you hadn’t floated across an ocean or border!

It’s about time American’s grab their balls and take back our country

*no one’s feelings are meant to get hurt in this article, or so the lawyers told me to say that…*


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