Winter Geocaching

So most people think that us Alaskans run indoors when it starts getting cold and dark and rub noses and make more Alaskans… nope we do that year around! LOL

So winter slows us down a tad bit… but nothing major till it’s -50 or more below zero… yes we do get that cold…

DSC_0187But we still go geocaching during the winter month, as long as your stuff stays running, batteries don’t like the cold.  So Sunday we decided to go for some caches, we learned a couple things during our adventure… 1) check your caches to see if they are winter friendly… So you don’t have to dig around in the snow….

IMG_3156The second thing we learned is ditches don’t look so bad with snow in them… what do you mean Tony?  Well let me show you!

IMG_3157 IMG_3158We had to call a geocaching friend who came to pull us out… thank you liquidearth!

So we came home with 2.5 caches… Still have to go find second part of a multi cache…

So the other day before I started my hell week at work, a few of us got together and went caching in Creamers Field.  We found like 3 caches and placed 3 caches.  I climbed a couple trees to hide mine SHHHHHHHHH don’t tell any cachers…  Weather was nice, we had fun, and got some exercise…

IMG_0263using his geocaching sense something like the force


Climbing a tree to find a cacheIMG_0272

Some animal made this use guys didn’t make it…


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