Winter is here!

Wow what a crazy fall we had, high temps till like early November!  We got rain, snow, 1399694_10202103524101099_326397683_omore rain, more snow… but now the temps are around zero, which isn’t normal for this time of year, usually we are into -30s easily.

What does this mean to us Alaskans, well more time to play outdoors! the other day I went ice fishing at -23.

It was very cold, but hung out with a good friend of mine, we both caught a couple fish and went home a couple hours later.

Thanksgiving wasn’t bad at all, warm day, kick back kind of day.  Saw Danelle’s mom and sister, and brother and the nieces.  Then played cards till 1145pm

With Christmas on the way, we haven’t made any big plans yet for that, we don’t have the boys, so most likely a mellow day at home, with each other.  We have some winter Geocaching to do, a couple events, and then an invite to a new years eve party.

More later


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