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Have you ever called and talk to an insurance agent or a financial adviser who TOLD you what YOU NEED!  Or They said, “Oh no, you need this one instead, cause it will be the best for you, and I am not making anything off it, I am helping you.”  They make you feel like you don’t know anything and that they are now your best friend?

Well we were worried about that when we heard about needing Term life insurance… so let me tell you what we went through…


When we started looking for Term Life Insurance as we were in the Financial Peace University class, so we took Dave Ramsey’s suggestion and went on Zander Insurance homepage and signed up for a quote.

Stressing over the rude calls and the ignorant sales people, telling us we don’t know what it is we are talking about, or the crap of “oh you are in Alaska, so it will be more money”.  I pushed the send button and cringed!

We started getting emails with a quote on each one, so we contacted Zander to ask more questions and got a woman name Jennifer and man, it was awesome. She was friendly, heart of a teacher and explained everything, even after that we were still unsure and she took time and made us one quote with all the quotes on it.

So after talking with her and going through quotes we chose term life for both of us ….

Now you say, ah, it worked out for ya…

Yes it did but we were also interested in renters and auto insurance and so we when we started getting phone calls, that just weren’t as friendly as Jennifer, we contacted Zander and asked questions, I had the 2nd in Charge of Zander call me personally, and worked with me to get the 2nd in charge of the other company, who helped us on those other quotes…   So if you are interested in Any insurance, pick up the mouse and go to Zander Insurance and fill out the page on getting a quote



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