So a couple years ago, Godaddy started raising their price like crazy, so we found bluehost. We researched them and asked all kinds of questions, and decided to go with them for at least Website hosting.

They forgot to tell us that some features were only good for months, not the 3 year plan we signed up for. So when emails started coming in saying things had expired and we needed to buy / renew them, I was pissed! Calling them back, I went off on them, I had kept every note, on quotes, and all the answers and oh these things weren’t mentioned! So every time I asked for a supervisor, they weren’t working or was busy and couldn’t talk to me, when I did get one, he just said sorry you are past your 30days and we can’t help you out and your stuck with us!

So when our domain name came up for renewal we thought about going back to Godaddy for webhosting and leave bluehost. So talking with them, I asked a lot of the same question, and even asked them if I could have a normal hosting plan and just use word press on it. I was told yes, but when I had problems setting it up and moving our blog back over, I was then told, realistically we should have a wordpress hosting plan and oh it also needs this special security package, that you can’t get anywhere else.. bring the 2 year hosting plan, domain registry and security package up to over $500 for a personal website/blog!

I told the sales guy I would think about it. so next morning I got up, grabbed some caffeine and got online and started googling what the sales guy said! He was full of it, 1) you can get plugins that does what his security package does, 2) other host servers offer the same thing for 1/4 the price of godaddy.

So the take away from this is stay away from money hungry godaddy, and don’t trust bluehost cause they lie to you and treat you like crap!

To make matters worse, when we did the move to blue host, godaddy and bluehost said to copy our main publicwww folder and we would be able to move the wp blog over. They didn’t say I had to back up and export my databases! this is why we are starting over after losing 9 years of post, a blog full of family adventures, etc…

We now use Siteground and so far we love it, was on chat with customer service asking anything and everything that happened above, the nice woman said, let me showing you everything, nothing was hidden and lied about, she showed us prices, then walked me through moving our blog from bluehost to siteground…