Come have dinner with us!

Tony loves to cook, smoke and grill food!  He has a Big Green Egg, a Smoker Joe Longhorn offset smoker/grill and a 4 burner grill that he is turning into a lava rock grill.  So we thought we would make a page of what comes off the grill!  So keep coming back and checking out this page!


Tony loves hot wings, he usually smokes them, then adds the sauce or dry rub to them, and grills them for a bit longer!  We have so many hot sauces, it’s hard to decide which one to use..   We can cook mild ones like Frank’s hot sauce / Buffalo style.   Hot like inferno style with the XXX hot sauce from the hot-ones who produce “first we feast”  We will be reviewing hot sauces on our blog.

We buy 1/2 of a beef once a year, so we have all kinds of cuts that we love to grill up.